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Our underlying technologies

Monolithic InP-based and hybrid-SiN-based photonics integration are strong technology platforms built up within PhotonDelta thanks to continued research, design, development and manufacturing activities over the last 25 years.

Strong technology platforms

InP excels at light generation, amplification, modulation and detection in the IR wavelength range (1310, 1550nm) in basically any performance metric e.g. power handling, electro-optics efficiency, modulation speeds, detection efficiency, thermal efficiency as such enabling effective monolithically integrated PICs in this range.

SiN excels at passive light processing in the visible, NIR and IR range thanks to its very low channel attenuation (<0.1dB/cm). Scalable hybrid integration of SiN with active waveguides such as InP, GaNi, GaAs respectively allows for system-in-package photonics solutions in the IR (1550, 1310nm) , NIR (1050nm) and visible (850nm) range.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us and explore opportunities to co-operate through our partnership programs.


Unique opto-electronics modules

As result of our exposure to the markets and application needs, PhotonDelta has developed over time a number of state-of-the-art unique optoelectronics modules, optimized to perform specific functionalities and where the light processing functions have been integrated in dedicated proprietary PICs.


Rapidly changing the world

There’s a strong general drive for technologies enabling radically cheaper, faster, lighter, greener, more robust and reliable solutions. Integrated photonics is a technology that offers further miniaturization, faster connections and virtually unlimited data transport possibilities at much lower energy consumption per bit. 

About PhotonDelta

PhotonDelta is recognised as one of Europe's leading innovation hubs, amplifying existing initiatives and kick-starting new ones. Our name is deliberate. We realise that a fragmented approach to building the multi-billion Photonics business in Europe is never going to scale. So there is now a plan. And implementation has already started in January 2019.


High Tech Campus 41
5656 AE Eindhoven
The Netherlands

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