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Latest news

Meet Ruud van Heur, Chairman of our Investmentcommittee

22nd of July 2019

Ruud van Heur is appointed by the Supervisory Board of PhotonDelta as the Chairman of our Investment committee and our Expertpanel. He is very motivated and excited to fulfil this job for PhotonDelta. But who is this business man and what are his intrinsic motives? In this interview we get to know him better by his career, his leitmotief and his view on the industry.

What is the most important lesson you learned as an entrepreneur in business about innovation?
"I learned that no individual, no industry can successfully achieve relevance on their own. You have to build bridges, to collaborate, to build together and invest in flexible networks. Sometimes not easy but necessary and rewarding."

Looking back at the European Photonics Venture Forum

28th of June 2019

Joachim de Sterke, CFO at PhotonDelta, was part of the expert jury of the European Photonics Venture Forum, which took place in the 26 – 27th of June in Munich. He was truly amazed by the magnitude and passion of all these (Integrated) Photonics start-ups. In parallel the same applied the funding parties. Joachim: "There is an evident growth in funding parties who are no longer “afraid” to invest in early stage Deep Tech / hardware, which not only important for these bright startups but for Europe in general. I believe, however at lot more is still needed to break down the Death Valley Curve, create more success stories and keep Europe in a competitive position."

Congrats to the six startups who were picked to move on towards the finals in November, in the end all attendees were winners!!

Building a billion dollar integrated photonics industry

6th of June 2019 

“In integrated photonics, there is not yet such a thing as a systems architect, someone who has a reasonable understanding of all the system components and who knows how to bring those together. Active and passive photonic components, electronics, packaging technology: it’s a mix of expertise that’s quite rare. We definitely need to address that issue.” Stated by René Penning de Vries today in an interview done by Bits&Chips.

The Netherlands is fully committed to integrated photonics

8th May 2019 | ecosystempartners

Today in the AD, an interview with our chairman René Penning de Vries on how integrated photonics will grow in The Netherlands by working together in an ecosystem.

"The carrot and stick strategy is followed for this. The carrot is that we support companies to conduct joint research. That support can exist in the form of money, research facilities or people. The stick is that the knowledge gained must be shared with the others and that it benefits the entire club. Everyone must therefore be able to benefit from it” he states. Follow the link to read the full article in the AD (in Dutch).

€3.75 million funding for SMART Photonics

18th April 2019 | business

Today, SMART Photonics has successfully closed a loan agreement with PhotonDelta for the amount of €3.75 million. 

"This funding allows us to further grow the company, to improve and expand our technology platform and to scale up our production capability. The possibility to produce these so called ‘PICs’ is essential for the entire supply chain to grow and to meet the market demand" according to CFO Robert Feelders. “We are very pleased with the support that PhotonDelta offers and see this as another great step in anchoring the new and exciting photonics industry in the Netherlands, including a manufacturing capability."


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