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Ways to engage

PhotonDelta is very keen to co-operate with all the market leading or high-potential future players up in the value chain from equipment manufacturers to end-users. That as we strongly believe in co-creation as a key approach to cross together the chasm between disruptive technologies and market adoption and realize breakthrough innovations. We engage with these parties along two main models: joint-roadmapping and with application labs. In addition, our partners in the ecosystem deliver dedicated services for the manufacturing, assembling and testing of integrated photonics. [InP and SiN/TriPleX PICs and PICs-powered modules].

If you are an equipment manufacturer, but also if you are a system integrator, a services provider or an end-user, interested in building new solutions and applications with integrated photonics, do not hesitate to engage with us. See below for more details.

Joint Roadmapping

Long-term 1-to-1 partnership with equipment ODM/OEMs and high-potential start-ups/scale-ups for the joint development of a new applications and solutions. Partner defines requirements, develops, integrate, certifies and brings to market its solutions. PhotonDelta develops, manufactures and delivers the PICs powered modules/subsystems meeting partners requirements.

Application Labs

Multi-partner (equipment/system integrators ODM/OEMs, high potential start-ups/scale-ups and end-users) joining or supporting a pre-competitive program for the generation of options for new solutions and relevant business cases in our target markets. Partners bring in application domain knowledge and requirements. PhotonDelta drives definition and execution of projects portfolio focusing on identifying and defining commercial/technical feasibility of major opportunities.

ecosystem partners

Specialised in integrated photonics

All our partners in the ecosystem - companies, start-ups and knowledge institutes - are specialised in the design and manufacturing of integrated photonics circuits and modules. Our partners have in common that they face technological or business challenges, and benefit from working together in the ecosystem.


Do you have a proposal for funding? Submit your application.

PhotonDelta offers funding to our partners within the ecosystem. The funding criteria which PhotonDelta applies, can be found through this link. Your proposal must fit the goals of the National Strategic plan of PhotonDelta, which can be downloaded here. Do you want to submit an application? Fill in the entire application form and include a financial planning. Send all forms in one email to


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