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    Lebby: Global Markets for Next Generation PICs

    July 17 2017     |     comments

    Keynote Remarks at World Technology Mapping Forum

    by Dr Michael Lebby, CEO of Lightwave Logic. In this second keynote industry briefing, Michael examines the global market for Next Generation Photonic Integrated Circuits. This analysis of global market trends was commissioned by PhotonDelta in order to have a fact-based discussion in the technical workshops which followed.

    The roadmapping forum was organised jointly by Photondelta, The Netherlands & the AIM Photonics Academy based in Boston. 

    Save The Dates

    We are delighted to announce the dates and location for the second World Technology Mapping Forum. It will be held on the campus of the University of Twente in Enschede, The Netherlands from June 20-22nd 2018. More practical details on the forum programme and hotel information will follow at the start of 2018.  In the meantime, if you participated in June 2017 and have feedback on what you would like to see in 2018, please get in touch. We suggest signing up for the free WTMF Newsletter to stay informed of developments.


    In June 2017, just over 170 scientists, researchers, government representatives and high-tech industry experts from 17 countries converged on the Dutch city of s’Hertogenbosch. They came to discuss next generation technologies the world is going to need in 2030 and beyond. That’s important now because we’re reaching the economic end of what’s popularly known as “Moore’s Law”. And particles of light (photons) rather than electrons will be the engine driving many new applications in communications and life sciences that we’ll soon take for granted. The public keynotes are being transcibed and published, since it explains the technology challenges that photonics needs to solve, now and two decades from now.