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PIC 2018 International Conference, Brussels, Belgium

date: April 10 2018 - April 11 2018     |     comments

Sales of Photonic Integrated Circuits are soaring, with their deployment helping to boost the capacity of networks and data centres. To further enhance this growth, we need to strengthening the relationships between the makers and the users of these integrated circuits. Join us for the 3rd PIC International, a global conference dedicated to this industry.

PIC International 2018 will provide timely, comprehensive coverage of every important sector within the photonics integrated circuits industry.

The meeting will include a presentation from PITC/JePPIX


III-V photonic integrated circuits for telecoms and beyond by Weiming Yao - JePPIX/PITC

The generic foundry approach to photonic integrated circuits (PIC) has enabled easy access to PIC technology by lowering its entry and prototyping costs, leading to the wider adoption of optical chips across many application areas. We focus here on the recent progress and the challenges of high-capacity WDM transmitters on III-V material for data and telecom that have been fabricated in such generic integration platforms. Furthermore, we outline the platform architecture of the next generation PICs that support extended scaling in device footprint and performance and at the same time assure a more intimate integration with electronics.

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This conference is an important opportunity for industry and research organisations to raise awareness with members of the European Commission about the need to grow this sector. 

The 3rd PIC International conference will have industry-leading insiders delivering more than 30 presentations spanning five sectors. The first to conferences attracted over 200 participants from across the photonics sectors. 

Five Key Industry Themes

The presentations will be grouped into five key themes which collectively provided complete coverage of the Photonic Integrated Circuits industry.

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Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel
Brussels National Airport

Telephone: +32 (2) 710 8000


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