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JePPIX Training Courses 2016 on Photonic Integration Technology

JePPIX Training Courses 2017, Eindhoven, Netherlands

date: October 30 2017 - November 10 2017     |     comments

Please note; Registrations for the course described below have now closed since all places have now been taken. If you would like more details of future courses, please email . 


This two-week course is scheduled for the end of October 2017. It will run for 2-weeks from 30th October - 10th November 2017. The training location is the Eindhoven University of Technology Campus (TU/e) in the centre of Eindhoven, the Netherlands.


The extensive JePPIX training course is a popular course going into some detail about InP-based Photonic Integrated Circuit design and fabrication. It is intended for designers who have a good background in photonics who wish to understand how to get the best out of design tools and the PIC technology. Experts from the Institute of Photonic Integration (formerly known as the COBRA Institute) are joined by specialist trainers from the Photonic CAD community, professional designers and experts from foundries to share insights and know-how. Students gain first hand clean room experience and a detailed insight into the steps in designing and creating PICs.The course is supported by the commercial software partners PhoeniX Software, Photon Design, Filarete, as well as design/pdk partners VLC Photonics and BRIGHT Photonics.  

This is a rare opportunity to study PIC design with the leading specialists and get hands-on experience with various software tools. We offer guidance on practical fab aspects, with the goal to get your designs built through our shared project runs. This is the most cost-effective procedure in Europe, ideally suited to small and medium sized companies working on disruptive innovation.

The software tools and license keys will be provided during the training. The participants should bring their notebooks/laptops for hands-on sessions.

Registration: There is a standard course fee of €2000 per person. Participants from recognised educational organisations may be eligible for discounts. Registration deadline is October 1st, 2017. For more information and a sign-up for check out the training page on the JePPiX website, or send an email to:


What you will learn during the course:

What is photonic integration and generic manufacturing

What photonic platforms are available via MPW

The level of maturity of each photonic's platform and their service providers today

How does a Multi Project Wafer run work in practice

What is a Process Design Kit (PDK)

Discover the services from various design houses (VLC Photonics and Bright Photonics) that can help you with actual design work and libraries for the software tools.

PIC design examples and applications on each of the JePPIX's foundry (SMART Photonics (NL), Oclaro (UK), Heinrich Hertz Institute (GER), TriPleX-LioniX (NL)).

There are also extensive hands-on sessions in using a design kit.




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