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Dutch Photonics Mission to Taiwan

date: November 12 2017 - November 17 2017     |     comments

Are you a Dutch registered company active in photonics and are you interested in cooperation with Taiwan? Join the Netherlands Photonics Innovation Mission, from November 12 to November 17, 2017.

The goal of the mission is to identify opportunities for Integrated Photonics in the field of research & development and to strengthen existing relationships. Fiber Optic Sensing aims to explore applications.

Public-private cooperation in Taiwan

Taiwan is one of the markets where the Dutch photonics sector wants to position itself in public-private relations, both in terms of technological cooperation and business development.

The Dutch photonics sector is one of the leading companies in the Integrated Photonics and Fiber Optic Sensing areas worldwide. PhotonDelta combines the knowledge and experience in the field of Integrated Photonics. Within Fiber Optic Sensing, the Netherlands has built up a knowledge base, including in the field of structural health monitoring. This position can be very interesting for application in specific sectors in Taiwan.


Two Parallel Programs

The program consists of company visits, networking activities, workshops and matchmaking for 2 parallel missions: a mission focused on Integrated Photonics and Technology Cooperation, and a mission focused on Fiber Sensing and Applications. There are also some joint activities.

See the draft program (pdf, in English)

Sign up

Do you want to participate in the Fotonica Innovation Mission? Sign up before October 1, 2017. Please tell the organisers you heard about this mission through PhotonDelta.

Do you have specific wishes? Submit this to us through the application form. RVO will take this into consideration for the development of the final program.

Participation and costs

The costs for participation in the innovation mission amount to € 250 per person.

This includes collective program, transfers from and to program items, lunch and dinner as mentioned in the program.

Travel and accommodation costs (hotels and intercontinental flights) and all individual costs are for your own account.


More information

Interview with Laserworld on Photonics in Taiwan and their need for innovation:

For more information on the innovation mission, please contact:

Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland:

Eddy Schipper
Advisor, program coordination
Netherlands Trade & Investment Office, Taipei (Taiwan):

Wouter van Marle
Attaché for Innovation, Technology & Science
Diederik van der Toorn
Economic Advisor



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